Branch Social - Coopers Arms "Dark & Delicious"

Saturday 27 January 2018


Once again, CAMRA North Sussex Branch are organising a bus trip to the “Coopers Arms” in Crowborough, for their Winter Ales Festival. Ideal for those who like darker and stronger beers, although there will be some session strength and light beers too. A selection of interesting bottled beers is also available, plus various snacks to soak it all up.

It’s also a good chance to socialise and meet members from neighbouring CAMRA branches who make an appearance. In the past we’ve been able to borrow Dark Star’s double-decker bus but sadly this bus is no more, it has ceased to be and has shuffled off this mortal coil. All is not lost as an alternative bus has been booked for the trip. The only difference is that the price has had to increase (not by much) to £12 a head.

We like to provide value for money, so the more that come along, the cheaper it gets. If you’d like to join us, maybe suggest to a friend (or friends) that they accompany you. It would be nice to reduce the price to £10 a head if possible.

The itinerary is as follows (more or less the same each year!):-

Horsham Railway Station (Bus Stop Across The Road) Depart: 1010

Horsham (Opposite Tyldens Way) Depart: 1013

Newdigate (Surrey Oaks) Depart: 1035

Crawley (Opposite Railway Station) Depart: 1100

Three Bridges Railway Station (Snooty Fox bus stop) Depart: 1103

East Grinstead High Street (Outside Barclays Bank) Depart: 1130

Ashurstwood (Bus Stop on A22) Depart: 1135

Forest Row (Chequers Hotel Bus Stop) Depart: 1140

We should hopefully arrive at the pub at around 12:10 and we shall depart around 16:45 (that means 1700 once we’ve found everyone). On the return journey we shall stop for about an hour or so at the “Anchor” in Hartfield, departing from there at 1830. We’ll drop people off (or pour them out through the doors) at Forest Row (1845), Ashurstwood (1850), East Grinstead (1855), Three Bridges station (1920), Crawley (1925), Newdigate (1945), Tyldens Way (2005), Horsham station (2010).

If you’d like to come along, please send a note to either me or ku.oc.liarkrowten@renoopS.reteP , stating how many places you need and where you wish to join the trip. You might be asked to provide a small deposit to secure a place on the bus.

Or you can register here: Dark & Delicious Sign Up